🇬🇧 #16 – Renaud Allioux – Co-fondateur & CTO – PRELIGENS 🎙️ Leading an AI Team at scale!

They have built one of the most mature AI organisation in Europe and have been named a « pepite » by the French Ministry of army Florence Parly.

Preligens (ex-Earthcube) founded by Renaud Allioux and Arnaud Guérin has reached an impressive worlwide leading position in Defense Technologies thanks to their ability to handle AI and ML.

I had the pleasure to receive Renaud Allioux, CTO and co-founder on Innovation Leaders to talk about this wonderful adventure.

In this 16th épisode, you will learn a lot!
👉 From a PhD in Space to the co-founder of one of the most dynamic Start-up in Defense
👉 How to lead an AI team at scale
👉 The feedback of Renaud after the tremendous period when the French ministry of Army’s fund Definvest decided to invest within Preligens to ensure this company will stays in France
👉 What does it mean to build a product in the DefTech industry
👉 The main challenges as a CTO and co-Founder
👉 How to recruit the best Data scientist
👉 Renaud’s advises regarding how to protect yourself from AI and his societal vision of AI