🇬🇧 #8 – Oussama Ammar – Co-founder – TheFamily 🎙️ Adapt a business during the pandemic !

Adapting one’s business, vision and organization during the Covid-19 era, the example of TheFamily.

The Covid-19 is a real game-changer for the economic world, the entrepreneurial world and the investors. Everybody needs to question or even reinvent themselves. That’s what happened to TheFamily, a challenging business model, based on strong human exchanges that must now be digitalized. A good example of how a team has adapted to exploit the pandemic to rethink its business model and take advantage of it. Oussama also addresses startup CEOs by giving them some tips to react in this crisis.

You will discover:
👉 the role of Late co-founder of TheFamily
👉 the impacts of Covid-19 on the ecosystem of start-ups and VCs
👉 how TheFamily lived through this crisis and how to make complicated decisions
👉 how Covid-19 is a game-changer for investors worldwide
👉 TheFamily’s new start
👉 what an entrepreneur can expect from TheFamily coaching

Enjoy this episode!