🇫🇷#26 – Clément Delangue – Co-founder & CEO – Hugging Face 🎙 The collaborative and open source AI

🤗Something big is happening in the iA, ML and NLP world 🤗

Hugging Face is one of those great entrepreneurial stories, from a start-up wanting to develop a chatbot, and then a few years later, this start-up is on the verge of revolutionising the approach to iA by offering a platform that allows everyone to propose and test iA models.

The revolution is underway and companies like Facebook, Google or Microsoft and hundreds of contributors around the world are contributing to the maturity of these models which now concern all industries.

Clément Delangue 🧢🌺 was on Innovation Leaders to speak about is experience as co-founder and role of CEO of this high level Technical Team. An exciting episode registered in 🇫🇷 in which you will discover:

👉 Clement’s inspiring background

👉 The origin of the Hugging Face project, and where this surprising logo comes from

👉 The origin of the impressive pivot practiced by the team to become an iA reference in the world

👉 The Tech environment and the team orga

👉 The importance and the stakes of an Open-source model

👉 How Hugging Face works with GAFAM

👉 In the shoes of a CEO of a DeepTech based in NYC

👉 The power of the community, and how to animate thousands of contributors

👉 The place of ethics in a project like Hugging Face

🎙Enjoy Listening !!