Mois : décembre 2022

Alexandre Berriche (Fleet) : « Become exceptional with your strengths »

Discover the insightful answers of Alexandre Berriche, CEO & cofounder of Fleet, to the questions asked by the podcast host Geoffrey. 👇 What makes you the most proud of this experience as a CEO? I’m proud to have created a company in a few years, to have differentiated itself in a market that makes turnover,…

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Arnaud Delubac (Greenly) : « I saved someone’s life »

Geoffrey, the host of Innovation Leaders, has the habit of asking a bunch of trivia questions to his guests. Discover the interesting answers of Arnaud Delubac, cofounder of Greenly. 👇 Is there any advice that you received that has been useful in your life? If I go back very early in my school path, which…

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Innovation Leaders: special interview with the founder & host

We interviewed Geoffrey, the Innovation Leaders host and founder, about the creation of the show, the tools and processes that he uses and the advice he would give to beginners. Let’s discover his answers! Tell us about you and your podcast! I am Geoffey Behaghel, host of the Innovation Leaders podcast and CEO of Ekkiden,…

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